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Researchers Study How Much Energy Troops Burn While Walking, Carrying Loads 8 nov

The 5 Components of Fitness: What You Need to Know 9 nov

Competitive Divers Face High Risk of Back, Shoulder And Other Injuries 31 out

Protecting Student-Athletes from Heat, Head Injuries 05 set

The Beginner's Guide to Interval Training

Workouts that take minutes attract fans and critics fev 017

Can Hard Weekend Workouts Make Up for a Week of Not Exercising? jan 2017

What to eat before and after exercise Jan 2007

Doctor's know too litle about nutrition and exercise Out 2016

Go Ahead, Get Sweaty. Microparticles Can Cool You Down nov 201616

Workplace Health and Wellness Drops in Fitness Trend List (nov 2016)

How To Add Wellness Coaching to Your Personal Training Business nov 016

Why Muscles Get Sore After Working Out set 2016

How can we make tomorrow's doctors healthier now? set 2016

Fighting Back Against Parkinson's set 016

Small Increases in Running Shoe Weight Tied to Slower Race Times out 2016

Health Buzz: These Fitness Trends Will Rule 2017 out 2016

Walking Fends Off Loss of Mobility, And it's Not Too Late to Start set 2016

Yoga May Not Count Toward 30 Minutes of Daily Physical Activity, But May Have Other Benefits set 2016

Don't be a Pavement Pounder set 016

Strength Training Tips to Live Longer and Better (julho 2016)

Your Perception of Pain Might be Making Your Muscles Hurt More (julho 2016)

Exercise May Help Ease Adult ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) Symptoms (julho 2016)

4 Exercises to Rev Your Metabolism as You Get Older (julho 2016)

How to Find A Good Personal Trainer (julho 2016)

Strength Exercise: Everything You Need to Know (julho 2016)

Strength Training Helps Older Adults Live Longer (abril 2016)

Getting People to Move More (abril 016)

Innovation in Hydration: The science behind your body's need for water (abril 2016)

Intensity training found desirable, trending (março 2016)

The secret Cold War origins of Sharapova's doping drug (março 016)

Study: Birth Control Pills Lessen Chance of Knee Injury in Female Athletes (março 016)

Most US Adults Would Fail a Healthy Lifestyle Test (mar 2016)

Don't Stop Moving (17 março 2016)

Get Fit with Exercise: When time is short

How Short Bursts of High-Intensity Exercise Could Keep You (Relatively) Fit (2 março)

Exercise Smart: How to Reach Your Target Heart Rate (28 fev)

Moving Around More Linked to Longer Life (fev 016)

What to Watch in Health Care in 2016 (fev 016)

Test Your Fitness Level at Any Age (fev 016)

Get Fit with Exercise: When time is short (Jan 016)

Need a sports performance boost? Fire up the coffee pot (jan 016)

Measuring Fitness Progress Moves Beyond the Scale, Tape Measure and BMI (Jan 016)

Do exercise machines lie? What you need to know about the feedback you get (dez 2015)

For Workout Gains, Embrace Variety (dez 015)

A Placebo Can Make You Run Faster (14 out 2015)

Is It Better To Eat Right Before a Workout Or Go To The Gym Hungry? (8 out 2015)

Healthy dose of exercise can ward off colds (4 out 2015)

How Important is Exercise to Weight Loss? (01 out 2015)

Family physicians partner with NFL to raise student athlete concussion awareness (29 setembro 2015)

Exercise and Dementia (15 setembro 2015)

A better way to burn calories on your bike (14 setembro 2015)

Getting FITT: It's Not a 4-Letter Word (11 set 2015)

Benefits of Sports to a Child's Mind and Heart All Part of the Game (4 setembro 2015)

The Key To Running Faster That Has Nothing To Do With Running (set 2015)

Caffeine may help your golf game (Set 2015)

Kids Should Play Multiple Sports and Not Focus on Just 1
USA Today (agosto 2015)

Four exercises to help strengthen and relieve hip and lower back pain (27 julho 2015)

Five tips to help conquer hot-weather workouts (25 julho 2015)

What Is Female Athlete Triad? (21 julho 2015)

Tracking down the optimum dose of exercise (17 julho 2015)

Which is More Effective for Weight Loss? Diet or Exercise? (7 julho 2015)

Fighting Childhood Obesity, 1 Playground at a Time
The Washington Post (agosto 2015)

Age is a number, but staying active is necessity to life (6 abril 2015)

How Young Is Too Young to Run? (25 março 2015)

Ancient practice of yoga now a growth industry (3 março 2015)

Kids and Sports: Is Training Getting Too Intense? (15 out)

Nordic walking strives to shed a stodgy image (13 out)

Exercise Intervals Better At Controlling Blood Sugar (Agosto 2014)

Dealing with joint pain? Try swimming (22 Julho 2014)

Springing out of the gym into the sun? Take time to thaw out (3 Março 2014)

Exercise, weight control reduce risk of breast cancer (22 março 2014)

Regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory, thinking skills (9 Abril 2014)

Boston Marathon Training: Expert Advice For 3 Weeks Out (28 Mar 2014)

Zumba Workouts Worth the Sweat (26 Mar 2014)

Shaping up at home (23 março 2014)

How to get a figure skater's flexibility (25 fevereiro 2014) VÍDEO


The Surprising Connection Between Kids' Health and Academic Achievement: What Parents Can Do to Ensure All Kids Succeed (6 Fev 2014)

Sisterhood shown to be powerful incentive at women's gyms (3 Fev 2014)

One in four adolescents meet physical-activity guidelines (8 Jan 2014)

How can we motivate people to take a free, safe, magic pill? (30 Dez 2013)

Seen At 11: How Safe Is The Hottest New Fitness Trend? (14 Nov 2013)

New heart guidelines could put more Americans on statins (12 Nov 2013)

Can Running A Marathon Temporarily Damage Your Heart? (2 Nov 2013)

Walking can be a lifesaver, but many need to pick up pace (21 Out 2013)

Does Housework Count As Exercise?(17 Out 2013)

Why Runners Don’t Get Knee Arthritis (25 Setembro 2013)

US Tennis Association wants to get kids moving - VÍDEO (12 Set 2013)

Steps, time, distance: However measured, walking can reach health goals (06 Set 2013)

Combating cancer: Exercising benefits cancer patients, both in treatment and after (12 Ago 2013)

Cardiac arrest more common at ice arenas than gyms (9 Ago 2013)

Trying to lose weight? Ditch calorie-rich rewards after exercise (22 Julho 2013)

Daily Sunscreen May Prevent Skin Aging (04 Junho)

Do You Overeat After a Hard Run? (31 Maio)

For Healthier Flying, Pack a Pair of Walking Shoes (30 Abril)

Double up: Diet, exercise together are key to success (21 Abril 2013)

Pro Athletes Turn To Yoga: Joe Johnson, Torrey Smith Tout Practice's Benefits (17 Abril 2013)

Family dumps sugary drinks, ice cream and shapes up (16 Abril 2013)

Fitness after 65 is no one-size-fits-all endeavor (8 Abril 2013)

Even Light Exercise May Improve Thinking in Older Adults? (01 Abril)

Why Am I Out of Shape? (21 Março 2013)

Fitness trend alert: Plyometrics has exercisers jumping (18 Março 2013)

Hard Math: Adding Up Just How Little We Actually Move (11 Março)


Fitness experts separate folklore from fact (4 Março 2013)


Couples who exercise together rap many rewards (3 Março 2013)

Footstrike And Its Possible Effect On Lower Back Pain (26 Fev 2013)

Walking after meals helps your heart health (14 Fev 2013)

Calcium Supplements Linked to Mortality Risk in Men, But Not Women (4 Fev 2013)

WHO issues new guidance on dietary salt and potassium (31 Janeiro 2013)

Pulling your own weight to get fit gaining in popularity (13 Jan 2013)

AHA Emphasizes Importance of Cardiorespiratory Fitness (09/Jan/2013)

Training: You can get rid of those wacky workplace habits (7 Janeiro 2013)

Exercise in Short Bursts Is Effective(7 de Janeiro 2013)

Good and Bad, the Little Things Add Up in Fitness (2 Jan 2013)

Earlier Detection Of Heart Disease Likely Using Targeted Micro-Bubbles (17 Dez)

EPO Doping Offers No Benefit to Athletes, Only Possible Harm (6 Dez 2012)


Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Fish Oil May Reduce Inflammation (27 Nov 012)


Cost to Save One Athlete's Life With ECG Screening? More Than $10 Million (27 Nov 012)


Many folks in their 50s and older are not just staying active, but keeping fit (16/11/012)


Latest Fitness Trends: Body Weight Training Takes Centerstage (29 Out 2012)


Doctors gather in Zurich to discuss youth football safety, concussions (29 Out 2012)


Optimal Amount of Exercise for Mental Health Revealed (25 Out 2012)


Short Bursts Of Exercise Can Burn Calories Throughout The Day (12 Out 2012)


Early research shows exercise boosts immunity to fight off cancer (12 Out 2012)


How To Stretch Safely For Flexibility After 50(26 Set 2012)


Knee replacements on the increase among older adults (25 Set 2012)


Weighty issue for football's big men (1 Setembro 2012)


Changing Our Tune on Exercise (27 Agosto)


Mud runs draw the fit and their muck-caked friends (27 Ago 2012)


Do athletes make better doctors? (21 Ago 2012)


Taking small steps: Tips to keep you fit in college (10 Agosto 2012)


Crazy for Exercise: Are We Overdoing It? (08 Agosto 2012)

Getting oder, getting fit (25 Julho 2012)

Working out in the midle of the working day (23 Julho2012)

Physical inactivity can contribute to premature deaths (17 Julho 2012)


Knee ligament injuries may be more common in men: study (8 Julho 2012)


Bouncing Back From Fitness Injuries (Julho 2012)


Get plenty of exercise to improve pregnancy, doctors say (4 Julho 2012)

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/07/04/3690810/get-plenty-of-exercise-to-improve.html#storylink=cpy


Student athletes' deaths prompt new workout guidelines (28 Junho 2012)


Strengthening beats stretching when it comes to this common running injury (24 Junho)


Moderation as the Sweet Spot for Exercise (6 Junho)

Competitive Sports May Boost Heart Function After Breast Cancer (01 Junho 2012)


Treating Sportsman's Hernia with Corticosteriod Injections (31 Maio 2012)


Serious Exercise May Benefit Middle-Aged Arteries (31 Maio 2012)


Meal timing, protein and conditioning (18 de Maio 2012)


Exercise Might Improve Survival in Breast and Colon Cancer (8 de Maio)


Autograft ACL repair better in young athletes: study (03 de Maio)


Healthy Living For Cancer Survivors (26 de Abril)


Don't Get Sick at the Gym: 7 Ways to Prevent Infection (25 de Abril 2012)


What if your kids can't keep up? (25 de Abril 2012)


Programs That Make Exercise a Form of Medical Therapy for Large Segments of the Population (12 Abril 2012)


100 Citizens" Exercise Right To Better Life (19 Abril 2012)


For an Exercise Afterburn, Intensity May Be the Key (18 Abril 2012)


Concern Raised Over Painkiller’s Use in Sports (13 Abril de 2012)


Repetitive stress leads to injuries in student athletes (11 de Abril 2012)


More Trainers Called On For Nutrition Advice (29 Março 2012)


How to use the weight room wisely (28 Março 2012)


I was going to exercise but . . . (21 Março 2012)


Football in the heat: GHSA places restrictions on summer practice (Março 2012)


Improving your mental health by improving your physical health (7 Março 2012)


A Heart Helper May Come at a Price for the Brain (5 Março 2012)

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/03/07/3474541/improving-your-mental-health-by.html#storylink=cpy (7 Março 2012)

Study demonstrates physical exercise aid students' study (1 Março 2012)


The Health Coach (22 Fev 2012)


Workouts May Not Be the Best Time for a Snack (20 Fev 2012)


To optimize exercise, heed your heart-rate training numbers (17 Fev 2012)


How 1-Minute Intervals Can Improve Your Health (15 Fev 2012)


Ice Baths for Sore Muscles Can Work (14 Fev 2012)


About one-third of patients told by doctors to exercise (10 Fev 012)


More U.S. Doctors Are Urging Patients to Exercise: CDC (9 Fev 012)


Exercise Prevents Dementia-Related Death According to Study(8 Fev 2012)


Snowboarders more injury-prone than skiers: study (01 Fevereiro)


Knowledge is power (19 Janeiro)


To maintain your health and fitness, don’t take a winter break from exercise (17 Janeiro)


Can more push-ups mean fewer pills? (10 Janeiro)


20 Fitness Trends For 2012 (13 de Janeiro)


Picking your health club (04 de Janeiro)


Fitness often not a priority for college students (02 Janeiro)


Ultramarathoners suffer injuries but most may be minor, a study finds (01 Dez 2011)


Soccer 'heading' may cause brain damage (29 Nov 2011)


Exercise gives cancer patients healthy boost (29 Nov 2011)


Consumer Reports: Experts’ advice on exercise includes some do’s and don’ts (28 Nov 2011)



Exercise: A pregnant pause (21 Nov 2011)


The Right Reasons to Stretch Before Exercise (16 de Novembro 2012)


On the job, on the move: Find ways to work exercise into your daily routine (23 Novembro 2012)


Knee arthritis strikes at younger age, weight loss may help (07 de Novembro de 2011)


Your Heart - the Muscle That You Don’t See (03 de Novembro 2011)



Do We Have a Set Point for Exercise? (19 Outubro 2011)


Ankle Braces May Help Teen Football Players (21 Outubro 2011)


Expert advice: Pregnancy and exercise (13 Outubro 2011)


Study flags risk of daily vitamin use among older women (10 Outubro 2011)


How Much to Drink During a Marathon (05 de Outubro 2011)


Dealing with the aftermath of a serious high school sports injury (04 de Outubro 2011)



Vigorous exercise boosts vitamin D while lowering heart risk (04 de Outubro 2011)


Rebranding exercise: “enhancing daily quality of life” a better message than appealing to longevity (27 Setembro 2011)


Encouraging exercise may help teens quit smoking (20 Setembro 2011)


Leaders vow to cut deaths from chronic disease (21 Setembro 2011)


Strength training for pregnant women appears okay, despite a dearth of research (6 de Setembro 2011)


Exercise can curb hunger, new research finds (15 Setembro 2011)


As Sports Medicine Surges, Hope and Hype Outpace Proven Treatments (4 Setembro 2011)


Pediatricians: Youth Boxing Is Unsafe (2 Setembro 2011)


Vigorous exercise burns calories 14 hours after workout (Setembro de 2011)


Prescribing Exercise to Treat Depression (31 de Agosto 2011)


The M.D.: Many factors in finding the right doctor (15 de Agosto 2011)


Nonalcoholic Beer Aids Marathon Recovery (24 de Agosto)


The Ongoing Controversy Over Screening Young Athletes With ECG (23 Agosto 2011)

9 Great Low-Impact Workouts (17 Agosto 2011)


Dog Days of August Can Cause Heat Illness for Young Athletes (12 Agosto 2011)


Exercise should be 'standard part of cancer care (7 Agosto 2011)


High temperatures, big football players are dangerous combination (4 Agosto 2011)


Longer tendons make faster runners, suggests UAB research (26 Julho 2011)


Sudden death during exercise: How we fall short protecting young athletes (26 Julho 2011)


Fuel Your Workout (21 de Julho de 2011)


Exercise: the New Doctor's Orders (14 de Julho de 2011)


Don’t Be a Slouch, Start Moving (14 de Julho de 2011)


Making the cardio scene with the rowing machine (11 de Julho de 2011)


Study Shows Women Half As Likely To Fake Soccer Injuries As Men (7 Julho 2011)


Making Americans More Fit, One City at a Time (7 de Julho de 2011)

Why Exercise Makes Us Feel Good (6 de Julho 2011)

Exercise helps women with generalized anxiety (9 de junho 2011)


Ease office neck pain with two minutes of daily exercise (28 Junho 2011)


Your new exercise Rx from the American College of Sports Medicine: Get out of that chair and move (28 Junho 2011)


A little bit of exercise makes a big difference (Junho 2011)


Where stress hides in your body(24 Junho 2011)


To Stretch or Not to Stretch (22 Junho 2011)


Are We Built to Run Barefoot? (8 de Junho 2011)


Strenuous exercise may protect brain (Junho 2011)


Can't move your muscles? (18 Maio 2011)


Fat's 'master switch' found -- could we turn it off? (15 Maio 2011)


Study: High-protein diet may help improve athletes' endurance (5 de Maio 2011)


For older adults, fitness is freedom, experts say (2 Maio 2011)


Gardening can burn serious calories with squatting, watering, planting, weeding: report (26 Abril 2011)

One-fifth of NHL players returned to ice after in-game concussion: study (18 Abril 2011)


For an Exercise Afterburn, Intensity May Be the Key (18 Abril 2011)


Build a fitness team: A dietician and a personal trainer will be in your corner in the fight against weight (06 de Abril 2011)

Losing your grip? It could be a clue to your health (03 de Abril de 2011)


Early milk helps athletic performance, research finds (29 de Março)


Athletes' mad skills may translate to everyday tasks -- like dodging cars (25 Março 2011)


Army Physical Fitness Test revised for first time since 1980 (17 Março 2011)


Could gene tests tell if kids can be sports stars? (08 Março 2011)


Napping on Game Day Is Prevalent Among N.B.A. Players (6 Março 2011)


Can Exercise Keep You Young? (2 Março 2011)


Getting to the heart of cardio fitness matters (28 Fev 2011)


NFL installs standardized concussion evaluation guidelines for 2011 (25 Fev 2011)


Seniors Can Still Bulk Up On Muscle By Pressing Iron (3 Março 2011)


Too safe at any speed? (18 Fev 2011)


A Case Against Helmets in Lacrosse. (16 Fev 2011)


What Really Causes Runner’s High? (16 Fevereiro 2011)


Strength training does more than bulk up muscles (13 Fev 2011)


Ice Age: The Science Behind Cold Water Immersion (8 Fev 2011)

Doctors Throw Flags On High School Concussions (2 Fev 2011)



Kid' Sports strike out on Exercise goals (1 Fev 2011)


Want to exercise? Don't let winter stop you cold (31 Jan 2011)

HCG weight-loss products are fraudulent, FDA says (23 Jan 2011)


Skiers beware: Winter skies still UV risk to skin (Dez 2010)


Energy drinks harmful for kids (13 Jan 2011)


Foiling the freshman 15 weight gain (17 Jan 2011)


Best friends boost kids' physical activity (19 Jan 2011)


Energy drinks work when taken moderately (03 Dezembro de 2010)


Energy drinks could be harmful (Jul 2010)


NBA suspends O.J. Mayo 10 games for positive test (27 Jan 2011)


Advocates push legislators to safeguard young athletes (Dez 2010)


Your Health: In school sports, make safety part of the game (Jul 2010)


Milford High Hockey Player Collapses On Ice (Dez 2010)


Genetic Trait Linked to Young Athletes' Deaths (Dez 2010)


National Athletic Trainers Association Releases 2010 Safety 'Report Card' (Dez 2010)


Let mothers lead fight against youth sports injuries (Dez 2010)


Concussion Symptoms May Differ in Girls and Boys (Dez 2010)


Female Athletes’ Concussion Symptoms May Be Overlooked (Dez 2010)


Youth Sports Injuries Reaching Epidemic Levels, Experts Report (Dez 2010)

Sickle Cell May Be Hidden Danger to Young Athletes (Dez 2010)


Concussions no fun, take toll on school for injured athletes (Dez 2010)


Sports Medicine: Give schools the gift of quality medical care (Dez 2010)


Kids can lift weights (Jan 2011)


Short weekly bouts of eccentric exercise may offer big health improvements (Jan 2011)


Winter weather workouts can be done if you’re headed outdoors (Jan 2011)


Fun and fit: 10 easy steps to keeping kids physically active (Jan 2011)


Workouts dont't have to be work: think fun (Jan 2011)


It’s time to say hello to a healthier you (Jan 2011)


Kids can lift weights (Jan 2011)


It’s better to be a quitter, experts say (Dez 2010)


The skinny on fat burners: There’s no proof they’re safe — or even work, experts says (Dez 2010)


A little biking may help premenopausal women stay slim (Junho 2010)


Thirty minutes a day of exercise? Better think 50 (Fev 2009)


Protein pulls ahead on the post-workout menu (Fev 2009)


Exercise 'cuts colon cancer risk (Fev 2009)


Christmas weight gain 'small' (Mar 2000)


Study: Walking speed appears to predict longevity in seniors(Ago 2010)


Exercise unleashes a bounce bras can't handle(Nov 2007)


Researchers Use Patient's Own Blood to Treat Hamstring Injury (30 Nov 2010)


U.S. obesity rates level off: government study (28 Nov 2007)


When runners unknowingly change form (10 Dez  2010)


Team sports may be no guarantee that kids are getting enough exercise (6 Dez 2010)


Weight-Lifting After Breast Cancer Won't Cause Lymphedema, Study Finds (8 Dez 2010)


16 minutes of exercise separates fit, unfit kids (12 Junho 2010)


Diabetics should exercise 150 minutes a week (2 Dezembro 2010)


Doctors say most PE lessons neglect all-round fitness (26 de Nov 2010)


Land on Your Toes, Save Your Knees (06 Outubro 2010)


Neurocognitive tests key to assessing concussions (18 Nov 2010)


Local boot camp owner: This fall, winter, lift your spirits with exercise (10 de Novembro de 2010)

Professor Tracks Injuries With Aim of Prevention (07 de Novembro e 2010)


Hopkins looks into fitness guidelines for pregnant women (03 de Novembro de 2010)


Swimmer's death to be investigated (26 Out 2010)


Women Sweat Less Readily Than Men (08 Out de 2010)


Stretching before running may lower endurance (Set 2010)


One way to ward off Alzheimer's: Take a hike (13 Out 2010)


Do Marathons Hurt Your Knees? (13 Out 2010)


Exercise Associated With Lower Rate of Fractures in Elderly Women  (03 Outubro 2010)


Youth football begins concussion prevention work (30 Setembro 2010)


Timing of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair: Now, Later, or Never? (22 Setembro 2010)


Teens, Sports, and Injuries (20 Setembro 2010)


Phys Ed: Can Exercise Make Kids Smarter? (15 Setembro 2010

Pedal power takes off as exercise produces electricity (30 Agosto 2010)


Heat stress injuries in athletes: common but preventable (24 de Agosto 2010)


Few medicines as strong as exercise (11 Agosto 2010)


Muscles may get a boost from cool palms (25 Julho 2010)


The longer you sit the shorter your life span (22 Julho 2010)


Stronger hips may mean less knee pain for runners (14 Julho 2010)


Semenya: Gender issue finally resolved (09 Julho 20109


Correr na areia (Julho 2010)


Hipertensão e exercício, mas intenso (Junho 2010)


Depression_and_weight_gain (Junho 2010)


Exercise might aid asthma control (Junho 2010)


Neck Circumference: Another Marker of CVD Risk? CME (Junho 2010)

Studies put the squeeze on athletic compression garments (Junho 2010)

New exercise guidelines for cancer patients say regular activity is a good thing (Junho 2010)

Gaining weight may also bulk up brain volume for anorexic women (Maio 2010)

Binge eaters can gain control relatively cheaply, studies find (Abril 2010)

Diagnostic criteria for eating disorders is too narrow, researchers say (Abril 2010)


O "burnout" (2010)


Fibromialgia e obesidade (2010)


Curtos períodos de exercício são benéficos para a fibromialgia (Março 2010)


Andar de bicicleta e doença de Parkinson (Março de 2010)



Ingestão de chocolate e menor risco cardiovascular (2010)


O pequeno-almoço com gordura diminui risco cardiovascular (2010)


Exercicio longa duração: a idade de 80 é apenas um número (2010)


Too few exercise and too much smoke (2010)

Want to keep your bones healthy? Don't get too skinny (Jan 2010)


For obese binge eaters, good news and bad news (Jan 2010)


Hormone Therapy Plus Physical Activity Reduce Belly Fat, Body Fat Percentage After Menopause (Junho 2010)


Too much sitting may outweigh exercise benefits (Maio 2009)


Study: Breast cancer risk diminished in women who exercise often (Março 2009)


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